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Section 1:Shipping and Delivery

Q:How long does shipping take?

A:Orders typically ship within 1-2 days. Shipping times vary based on the individual destination.

To view estimated shipping times for your orders, please visit your Order History and choose "Where's My Package?" for more information. You can track your package's delivery progress at any time from this area.

Q:How can I track my order?

A:If you want to check the delivery status of your order, you can find the most updated tracking information by visiting Order History.

Click on "Where's my package?" to view your order’s estimated date of arrival and tracking history.

Please note, depending on how the store ships your order, there may not be tracking information available.

Q:How much does shipping cost?

A:We strive to maintain low shipping costs. The shipping price associated with each item is displayed at checkout. The cost varies depending on the size, weight and destination of your order.

Q:Where does my order ship from?

A:CUTEAGE is a global site, but our goods are mainly ship from China where our goods are produced.Some items may be shipped from United States or other countries where we keep a warehouse.This situation will be stated in product description.

Q:How do I change my shipping address?

A:Before placing your order on CUTEAGE, you can change the shipping address directly in your shopping cart.
If your order was placed before shipping, you can go to your Order History and click "Change Shipping Address".
Once your order has shipped, it's no longer possible to change the address. We recommend contacting your local post office with your tracking numbers to see if they can reroute your order to another address.

Section 2:Returns and Refunds

Q:How do I return a product?

A:All items may be returned within 30 days of delivery.

To return an item, please contact CUTEAGE Customer Support through the app or on web. Please note that we don't cover return shipping costs at this time. For more information, please review our Return Policy.

Q:Can I change an item?

A:Unfortunately, we currently don't offer item exchanges. We may be able to help replace an order if it doesn't meet your satisfaction. Please contact CUTEAGE Customer Support for more help.

Q:How do I cancel my order?

A:You have up to 8 hours from the time of purchase to cancel any items you no longer wish to receive. 

If your order was placed within the first 8 hours, you can go to your Order History and click "Request Refund". 

After clicking this option, your order will be cancelled and no charges will occur. If your order has already been processed, you'll be covered under our Return Policy.

Q:What's the status of my refund?

A:You can check the status of your refund by visiting your Order History. It may take 5-10 business days for your refund to process back to your original form of payment.

If you're still having trouble finding your processed refund in your account, we recommend contacting your bank or payment provider for more information. 

If you paid using EBANX OXXO, your refund may show as one of the following: 

a credit returned to your EBANX account

a money transfer to the bank account linked to your EBANX account

For more information on how EBANX OXXO payments work, please visit:

Q:Can you issue my refund to a different card if my card is canceled, lost, expired, or stolen?

A:We can only refund your money to your original payment method and we are unable to issue refunds to a different card, different account, or different payment method. For more information please review our Return Policy. 

We recommend that you contact your card issuer for help with receiving a refund if your card was replaced.

Q:I cancelled my order. How will I receive my refund?

A:Depending on your payment type, your refund will be automatically applied back to your account. Please allow 5-10 business days for the refund to appear in your account. In some cases, especially with credit cards, your original charge may disappear entirely from your statement and you won't see a refund in your account.

Section 3:Payment, Pricing & Promotions

Q:What payment methods does CUTEAGE accept?

A:We currently accept payments through the following payment providers: 

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Cirrus, and Maestro Google Wallet (Android Pay)

Apple Pay



EBANX (Credit Card, Boleto, OXXO)


We cannot accept cash, bank transfer, or payment in installments. Please note that the list of available payment methods may change depending on which country you are in, what platform you are using, and all payments are made in U.S. dollars.

Q:What currency does CUTEAGE sell in?

A:CUTEAGE displays prices in your local currency. The currency may change according to where you are located at the time of purchase. 

If your credit card is used for a payment in foreign currency, most banks will allow you to pay, though they may charge a fee for this service. Please check with your bank to see if you can make international payments.

Q:Does CUTEAGE charge for customs, taxes, VAT, or any other extra fees?

A:CUTEAGE does not collect any payment for customs, taxes, VAT, currency conversion rates, or any other fees, and cannot reimburse any extra charges.

Customs: We recommend that you contact your local customs office if you have any doubts or questions about whether or not your item will be permitted into your country.

VAT: We do not charge for Value-Added Tax and cannot cover any charges which your country may add.

Currency Conversion: Although all items are displayed in your country's currency, each transaction is charged under US dollars. 

Post Office: We cannot say for certain whether your local post will charge you for the products you order. If you have any questions, please contact your local post for more information.

Q:How do I change my credit card or payment information?

A:Your billing information is completely secure on CUTEAGE. If you'd like to delete your billing information, please follow the steps below. 

Visit Settings

Click "Payment Settings" on the left panel

Click "Delete" under Billing Details.

Once you place a new order, you'll be asked to enter your updated payment information at check out.

Q:How do I get a free gift?

A:The free gift offer is currently only available for new customers in select countries. To receive the promotion, new customers must register on a device that's never received a free gift. Please also note that you must check out immediately to receive it. 

Unfortunately, if you exit out of the app, click back or don’t complete it fast enough, the free gift offer may expire. Keep in mind that we're unable to cover shipping fees and you may need to provide a payment method to cover the order total.

Q:What are rewards?

A:Rewards and gift cards can be applied toward eligible items sold on CUTEAGE. We will notify you when you receive a reward by sending an email and you’ll also get a notification on your notifications page, which you’ll see when you log in. Each reward is different and may vary in amount, and cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred outside of CUTEAGE. 

You can always check on your rewards and their expiration dates in the CUTEAGE app.

Q:How can I use my rewards?

A:Rewards will be automatically applied toward the purchase of your products. Please note that CUTEAGE rewards cannot cover shipping fees, as shipping is fulfilled by stores across the world.

Q:What is promo code? How does it work?

A:Promo codes allow you to save even more on your order. To redeem a promo code, please follow these steps: 

Visit your Cart.

When you're ready to check out, click on the promo code field and type in your code

Click "Apply". Your cart will be updated to reflect the added discounts.

Please note that some promo codes may not be used together.

Q:How are strike-through prices and percentage discounts listed on CUTEAGE determined?

A:Merchants provide the information in the item listings, including any strike-through prices/percentage discounts. CUTEAGE does not represent, warrant, or guarantee that the merchant actually offered or sold the item at the strike-through price.

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