Why Are Cosmetics Expensive?

Why Are Cosmetics Expensive?

With the development of the cosmetics industry, cosmetics are becoming more and more expensive. Why cosmetics are so expensive? I will tell you my opinion from the following aspects.

  1. Process composition

In order to have a better effect, some cosmetics will add many precious anti-aging and anti wrinkle ingredients, and some products have patents, so sufficient profits are needed to support research and development and process configuration.

For example, as a new ingredient in whitening products, Guerlain brings 24K pure gold into skin care products.

Guerlain L'or Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold Makeup Base

However, in general, the production cost of cosmetics accounts for up to 20% of the selling price. There are other reasons for the serious premium.

  1. Brand influence and advertising marketing

Some big brands themselves have certain popularity and successful marketing models, and their positioning is relatively high-end, so their pricing standards will also be higher. At the same time, it is also an important step to do a good job of promotion. When you spend high prices to invite stars and promote marketing, the cost price of the product will also increase, and the sales price will also increase.

a cosmetics company are doing marketing through social networks

Here I want to remind you that you should keep your eyes open and follow your own needs. Don't create your own needs and be cut alive by businesses.

  1. Taxes

If cosmetics are imported from abroad, there are tax and other factors. Some cosmetics are international famous brands, so they are a little expensive. The domestic cosmetics market in mainland China cannot be opened due to various reasons. Due to the fierce competition, it is impossible to survive, not to mention the research and development of technical products, so domestic manufacturers still focus on some basic daily necessities.

  1. Skin feeling and sense of use

Good skin feel and sense of use need to be developed, and these require fine work, as well as the process of continuous testing and measurement. These require a long process and profit.


Finally, we know that although there is a good saying, "Every penny is worth every commodity", we should also be alert to the consumption trap, and choose the cosmetics that are suitable for us according to our own needs.

Don't just follow the crowd mentality and go after the big brands and do what we can. Here we have to mention that we can also consider the rise of some of our national products. In short, it is the most important to choose the cosmetics that are suitable for us.

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