Make Manicure According to Hand Shape

Make Manicure According to Hand Shape

    Many girls want to do manicure when they see good-looking nail styles, but good-looking nail designs don’t look good on any hand shape.

    So if you don't choose the nail design according to your hand shape, it may have the opposite effect.

    But how should you choose a nail design based on your hand shape? Let's take a look with the editor! 

    Don't know how to choose nails according to your hand shape. Don't panic. First of all, we have to know that there are 6 common types of nails: round, coffin(extended), stiletto(pointed), square, square circle, and oval.

 basic shapes of fake nails

    After you have an understanding of Type A, you can choose the right type A according to your hand shape~ Come and take a look!


Slim and long hands

    The length of the fingers and the palm are one-to-one, the fingers are slender and well-proportioned, and the nails are regular oval or square circles. This type of hand is perfect.

    Any combination of colors and styles will show good results, and it can be said to be versatile!

Slim and thin hands

    This type of hand has more fine lines, and the joints are generally protruding, which looks a little jagged, suitable for square nails or square rounds.

    You can choose some moisturizing colors, so that your hands will not appear particularly dry after getting started.

Doll hand type

    Meaty, fat hands, thicker finger belly, shorter nails in natural shape, and more likely to be fleshy.

    This type of hand is suitable for round short nails. It is recommended to choose a natural color with strong transparency, or a lighter color.

Pointed hand type

    The palm of the hand is wider than the finger, and it is thinner to the tip of the finger, which is conical.

    The length of the square armour should not be too long, try to choose a softer color.

Square hand shape

    The palm of the hand is rectangular, and the fingers are generally wide up and down. You can choose a square or pointed shape.

Thick and wide hands

    The palms are wider, the fingertips are thicker, and the nails are square or round, suitable for pointed oval shapes, but the length is not easy to be too long, and the effect is also very good.


    Is it super beautiful? This type of hand shape can be learned quickly, it must be beautiful!

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