Light Smokey Eyes Makeup Steps for Beginners

We know that smokey eyes makeup is a very personal color makeup, full of fashion. However, many women do not like to be too high-profile and feel that such eye makeup is not suitable for them. In fact, women who like low-key can try this light smokey eyes makeup, which looks much softer. Today, I want to teach you the painting method and steps of light smokey eyes makeup.

First, use light brown eye shadow as the background color, and then sweep the charcoal black eye shadow on the double eyelid and smudge it to enhance the three-dimensional effect of the eyes.

Then draw a shiny green eyeliner on the lower eyeliner to make eye makeup look more layered.

Then draw black eyeliner along the root of the eyelash, and apply eye black with thick and slender effect to make the eyes become larger instantly.

Also put orange powder blusher on your face to make your makeup softer.

Lip color is nude skin color, creating a glass like lips, plump and sexy.

The last step is to dip powder with a powder puff, and then make makeup on the face.
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