How to Get Rid of Blackheads

  In another article "How Do Blackheads on Nose Generate", I introduced the blackhead generation mechanism to everyone. We hate blackheads, and because of this, we have to learn more about it and eventually eradicate it.

  Based on the opinions of beauty lovers, I will list the common methods for getting rid of blackheads as follows:

  1. Use blackhead mask.

  If you are afraid of trouble, you can directly buy a blackhead mask to use.

  When using this type of product, clean your face first, and then apply a hot towel to your nose. Keep it for a few minutes to let the pores open. Then use your fingers or a mask brush to apply the blackhead mask mud evenly on the nose. After this is done, you can do other things. Because the mud mask takes more than ten minutes to dry. After it dries, please gently tear it off with your fingers.

  Finally, don't forget to massage your nose with snow frozen toner or astringent to make the pores on the nose shrink as much as possible to avoid regenerating blackheads. It is also suggested to apply ice cubes. Which one is better? you may try it.

  No matter which method is used to remove blackheads, this last step cannot be omitted, otherwise all previous efforts will be lost.

  1. Rub with salt.

  After washing your face, put the salt in the palm of your hand and rub it with water, then apply it to your nose and chin. Be careful, don’t put too much water, i t will run around.

  Advantages: The effect is good, there will be a smooth and tender feeling of removing the dead skin.

  Disadvantages: Lightly massage, there will be tingling pain, but can not be used too often, or the face will be dry and peeling.

  1. Use skin refining essence.

  Advantages: According to the instructions, massage first without washing your face. After only a few minutes, you will feel that the grains will come out. Then take the cleanser to wash your face, it is gel-like foam and it is cool.

  Disadvantages: The skin is resistant to drugs. It is good at the beginning, but it will not be effective after a long time. And depending on the skin type, some people have no effect.

  In addition, the following methods are not recommended:

  1. Squeeze by hand: Many people will squeeze by hand, but because the nails tend to contain bacteria, it is easy to cause skin inflammation, and the pores will become bigger and bigger.
  2. Rubbing with a brush: This method is only suitable for removing dead skin, such as removing blackheads, it has little effect. If you rub it vigorously, it will rub the skin.
  3. Blackheads can be eradicated at once: the aging blackheads will be removed within a few days, and new blackheads will be formed again.
  4. Tear with nasal patch: When I first used the nasal patch, I saw blackheads on the torn nose patch, and I felt uncomfortable. But once you get into the habit of using nose sticks, blackheads will always haunt you like a nightmare and cause your pores to become enlarged.


  For people who are struggling with blackheads, you can do daily skin care like this:

  Wash your face frequently. As long as you return home from the outside, you must wash your face, no more than three times a day.

  Use a deep cleansing mask (Bali deep sea volcanic white mud) to apply 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil to your face if the pores are very dirty and greasy. This can thoroughly clean the pores and has the effect of anti-inflammatory and avoiding acne deterioration.

  Massage your face once a week. You can add 5CC of grape seed oil (fresh texture and easy to absorb) with lavender + grapefruit + juniper berry. You can use it if it is not too troublesome. Lavender can normalize the skin's metabolism and prevent keratin accumulation and hypertrophy; grapefruit purifies pores and repairs swollen pores; juniper berries have excellent antiseptic and lymphatic detoxification effects on skin with enlarged pores and acne. Formula Grape seed oil 10ML 6 drops of lavender, 3 drops of grapefruit, 3 drops of juniper plum.

  After washing your face, you can use lavender crystal dew or tea tree crystal dew to enhance the antibacterial power of the skin surface, inhibit oil production, and enhance the astringent effect.

  Wash your face with cleansing oil every morning to keep your pores clean and prevent blackheads.

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