Acrylic Nails for Doll-shaped Hands

Acrylic Nails for Doll-shaped Hands

    If you have a pair of doll-shaped hands, then you are lucky. Because this article is written just for you. After reading it, you can easily choose the acrylic nails and other nail products that suit you. 


Doll hand type characteristics

The hands of some friends are like a doll that never grows up. The hands are always fat, and the belly of each finger is relatively plump. The natural shape of the nails is generally short, square, and flat, and some are in the shape of an inverted ladder. The whole hand-shaped remedy.


Manicure program specially designed for doll hands

In order to maintain the innocence and cuteness of the doll-shaped hand, choose round short armor, and the length of the nail should not exceed 1.5 cm.

Doll-shaped Hands Wearing Round Acrylic Nails


Color recommendation

It is best to keep it natural. You can usually choose a nail polish with natural color and strong sense of transparency. Sometimes in order to match the clothing, choosing light-toned pearlescent and granular nail polish will make you look more elvish and lovely.

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