5 Slender Nail Art Guides for Short Fat Hands

5 Slender Nail Art Guides for Short Fat Hands

    Hands are a woman's second face, and a pair of slender hands is what women dream of.

    However, in this world, most people have stubby hands. This is the hand of the working people.


    Fortunately, congenital deficiencies can be made up by man.

    We can exercise our hands through skin care and hand exercises. But manicure can make the hands visually beautiful, especially if the fleshy, short hands want to make the fingers look slender.

painting nails

   Now, let's talk about the type and color of the manicure, so that all short and stubby hands can make their hands more beautiful.

  1. Choose coffin nail shape

   This is Kylie Jenner's favorite nail shape, these nail shapes, when you put on the nail polish, are like wearing fake nails, perfect but a little unreal.

coffin nails

  1. Choose square nail shape

   While square nails can make your hands look a little dull, these types of nails are perfect for girls who are naturally short and don't have a rounded shape!

square nails

  1. Choose squoval shape

   Similar to a square, but the fingertips will not be as square and should be rounded. This type of nails combines the benefits of oval nails and square nails. This nail type can basically be said to be suitable for everyone, and it looks good with simple modifications.

squoval nails

  1. Don't apply dark polish

   Nail polish is applied to the entire nail surface, which will highlight the shape of the nails. If you choose a dark nail polish, the color difference with the skin will be too large to highlight the shape of the nails.

    Correct color matching: Choose a refreshing light-colored nail polish, which can reduce others' attention to the shape of the nails; at the same time, matching the French manicure style can make people "unguessable" the size of your nail surface, and visually elongate the fingers.

silver nails

  1. Don’t add complicated decorations

    If too many complicated decorations are pasted on the nail surface, it will become a burden on the fingers, and the fingers will be thicker.

   Correct approach: Appropriate and simple embellishments, such as gold and silver threads, glitter and other elements will make the whole clean and comfortable. Do not choose "broken glass" with strong stereoscopic effect, but should use flat "broken glass".

nails with stars pearls

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