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Smooth and Embellish Tattoo Cover up Makeup Scar Acne Concealer Cream Body Face Professional Waterproof Cosmetics

Smooth and Embellish Tattoo Cover up Makeup Scar Acne Concealer Cream Body Face Professional Waterproof Cosmetics

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Tattoo Cover up Makeup Smooth and Embellish Scar Acne Concealer Cream Body Face Professional Waterproof Cosmetics

Smoothing liquid concealer for full coverage
Concealer flaws imperfections skin and cover dark circles
Effectively cover facial flaws, scars, acne, freckles,pore and so on
Can alternatively be used as lip concealer&face highlighter
Lightweight and fresh,will not add any burdens to skin
More luminous healthy looking.Make your face more three-dimensional
Brighten and natural long-lasting makeup,easy to blend
Light concealer and brighten primer,reflective and natural,bright ,breathing and skin-friendly to keep your face perfect.
Waterproof and sweatproof absorbs oil to achieve a long-lasting result.
Highlight skin tone,to create natural look
The texture is light and comfortable, the cream is delicate, easy to apply, and has good covering power. It can cover facial defects such as acne marks, black circles under the eyes, red blood and so on
Concealer effect: for big pox, print, other facial defects, it can easily cover the skin defects, hide pores, and create nude make-up.
130# light complexion: suitable for people with fair skin, ivory white, making skin smooth and delicate.
140# natural skin color: suitable for yellowish / normal complexion, good concealer, and natural and delicate makeup.
151# dark complexion: suitable for dark complexion / shadow color, relatively dark complexion to create a natural and delicate makeup feeling.
Color: 130# light complexion, 140# natural color, 151# dark complexion
Net content: 15g
Shelf life: 3 years
Product appearance dimension: as shown in the figure
1 x Face Concealer

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