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Perfect Arc Types Eyelash Curlers Integral Curl Eyelash Curling Metal Stainless Steel Eyelashes Tools High Quality

Perfect Arc Types Eyelash Curlers Integral Curl Eyelash Curling Metal Stainless Steel Eyelashes Tools High Quality

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Item No./358

Material/A tension spring

Product standards/ISO 9001:2008

Accessories/free 1 piece little rubber replacement install


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Particularly suitable for want eyelashes more bending MM, eyes, beauty, beautiful, full eyelashes are ugly more beautiful, use Eyelash curler curl Eyelash curler out of arc, makes your eyes more bright, add charm!

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Product description: the texture clip is very strong, pinch up there feeling very thick ... In turns and rubber head design can be said to be seamless, light clamp, curved eyelashes came out.

Clip lashes better than hot, water resumed its original shape, and will make the lashes dry and hot, the result is the eyelash ~~ attach a rubber head and very thoughtful.

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Close eye Eyelash curler face first, the opening will place the root of Eyelash curlers, curlers, then keep, Eyelash curler and slowly moving up, stop until the eyelashes of a central location, and 5 seconds after the opening. Finally moving the curlers to peripheral parts of clips for 5 seconds, such as the eyelashes more volume significantly, and at the end to make more power, it will curl.
Note: Please keep the products after use clean, no growth of bacteria, such as damage, will affect the
makeup effects, and replace the new one.

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Care Instructions

The product is for external use and should not be used on mucous membranes, damaged or allergic skin. If there is any discomfort after use, please stop using immediately and seek medical attention promptly.

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