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Automatic Rotating Eyebrow Pencil Makeup Fashion Brow Double Pen Waterproof Sweat-proof Smudge-proof Soft Brow Makeup for Beginner Girls

Automatic Rotating Eyebrow Pencil Makeup Fashion Brow Double Pen Waterproof Sweat-proof Smudge-proof Soft Brow Makeup for Beginner Girls

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Automatic Rotating Eyebrow Pencil Makeup Fashion Brow Double Pen Waterproof Sweat-proof Smudge-proof Soft Brow Makeup for Beginner Girls

  • Soft texture: This is a perfect three-dimensional shape texture eyebrow pencil, easy to create natural beauty, the effect is very good, can draw the lines you want, and because the soft eyebrow pencil does not damage the skin, you can safely rest assured use.

  • Waterproof and anti-fouling stereo double-headed eyebrow pencil: natural waterproof and sweatproof, natural color development, washing does not fade, anti-fouling all day, you don`t have to worry about makeup, lasting solid color, especially suitable for parties, attend meetings, travel, office crowd, don`t worry Color loss saves your makeup time. You can always keep a good mood.

  • Convenient operation: It is convenient and quick to operate especially. It can have a good effect on sketching eyebrows, drawing eyebrows and sketching eyebrows. And the eyebrow pencil is very similar to the pen we used to write normally, and it will be very easy to operate, so it will be more suitable for Beginners.

  • Long-lasting control, no fading: the hand is very smooth, the pen`s texture is very good, an eyebrow pencil can control different eyebrows. The long lasting time is very long. It has been very good from the daytime to the night, no color fade, and it doesn`t look very heavy. It is very natural to scrape the other eyebrow brush!

  • To meet your needs: It is very soft and delicate to use, it is very easy to color, the color rendering is very high, and the state of drawing is very long-lasting, and it is naturally fresh. A unique design refill, soft and hard, easy to control, for novices too Very suitable, it is easy to draw a good eyebrow shape, it is also very convenient to carry, very durable.

Are you worried about the perfect makeup, but because the eyebrow pencil is not
colored, not waterproof, and not soft, the eyebrows are agglomerated and missing, and the makeup is not perfect?
Is the eyebrow drawn by your eyebrow pencil natural, not agglomerated, lasting all day?
Are you looking for an eyebrow pencil that draws natural eyebrows and outlines the perfect eyebrows?
Come and see our eyebrow pencil, which is simple and easy to use. It can help you create
a natural and perfect eyebrow shape, adding beauty to your delicate makeup.

Is the eyebrow drawn by this eyebrow pencil natural?
The texture of our eyebrow pencil is very soft, very simple to use, the eyebrows drawn
are natural and realistic, not hard and natural. If you like, you can also use our eyebrow
pencil to draw a beautiful "original eyebrow".

Is this eyebrow pencil waterproof? Will it be easy to drop makeup?
Our eyebrow pencil is very well colored, and the water resistance is also excellent. When
you put on makeup for a day, you don`t have to worry about the eyebrows being easily
smashed, does not lead to a bad makeup. You can buy our eyebrow pencil with confidence.

Who is this eyebrow pencil suitable for?
If you are a novice to learn makeup, you can buy our eyebrow pencil, the color is just
right, naturally no agglomeration, repeated sketch, the lines will not be stiff.
If you are a senior makeup person, you should buy our eyebrow pencil, you can use it
to draw the various eyebrows you want, and easily draw the perfect eyebrow shape, you deserve it.

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The product is for external use and should not be used on mucous membranes, damaged or allergic skin. If there is any discomfort after use, please stop using immediately and seek medical attention promptly.

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