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Love Alpha

Love Alpha Leopard 3D Black Fiber Lash Mascara Lashes Slender Set

Love Alpha Leopard 3D Black Fiber Lash Mascara Lashes Slender Set

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3D fiber lash mascara long endless combinations, can extend mascara up 600%, and  create a slender good beauty eyelashes. Its stretch effect as Eyelash hair, the  principle of which is positively charged micro-fiber poly attached on the  negatively charged lash, then the extended characteristics of stationary, ensuring  that the lengthening effect undiminished.
Brand /Love Alpha
Model No./729
Net Weight/12g
Shelf Life/3 years
A:3D Collagen Carbon Black Grafting Liquid 12ml
Very fitting, supple and comfortable material, infinitely long eyelashes that can be easily shaped flawless! Formula combines with carbon black particles of collagen-d element, polymer with its magical adhesion, you have excellent beautiful eyelashes all day!
Ingredients: collagen, fiber, water, natural bees Brazil carnauba wax black, acrylic were bonding, oxygen, chemical fiber, nylon 12, propylene glycol, stearic acid, e mulsifier.
B: green tea natural fiber 3G
100% natural, extracted from green tea Kikyo Cilia, Seiko pick, just like natural lashes, without any stimulation to your eye.


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