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Heng Fang Microcara Mascara tiny fine Waterproof Skinny Maskara

Heng Fang Microcara Mascara tiny fine Waterproof Skinny Maskara

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The upper and lower lashes, tiny eyelash can easily brush to make eyelashes more slender, more curling.  
 so nuanced mascara, eyelash like Butler
 Contains various plant extracts
 Keep tender eye Shuirun health,Lasting no halo dye, but also good remover .Really good!!!     
 Ordinary mascara brush head at least 0.8mm width
 And Yue Shi this time out of this extremely thin mascara brush head is the owner has seen the smallest ~
 Truly start from the roots of eyelashes Yunran root o'tank volume
 In particular, the addition of curling wax can not long fixed eyelashes curl degree will not like the general Mascara as soon the lashes will fall Oh!
 Normal intensity of the waterproof efficacy of life without fear of halo dye oh
 Can be easily removable or use Cleansing Cream with warm water cleansing eye makeup remover
 The retention money, suitable for small fresh makeup,
 If you need to have a thick effect of the pro don't choose this, the thick effect of the general,
 Is arrhizus clear natural effect

Brand Name/Heng Fang
Quantity/1 pc
Ingredient/Deionized water, beeswax,...
Size/Full Size
Model Number/H6178
Waterproof / Water-Resistant/Yes


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