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The Correct Way to Make up in Winter

Winter Make-up Steps

  1. Cleansing and skin care

This is not a lazy step. In winter, you must thoroughly clean your skin before making up. After cleaning, you should apply lotion or nourishing face cream, and then apply makeup water.

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  1. Apply foundation make-up

Then apply foundation make-up, and gently push it from inside to outside until it is even. When applying foundation make-up, you can choose several colors of foundation make-up to mix to create a three-dimensional effect, so that the makeup is perfect.

  1. Use concealer to cover defects

At this time, concealer can be used to correct some flaws on the face. It is recommended to choose a product with a slightly lighter color than the skin color to use concealer. You can apply concealer on the dark circles and spots. Remember, it doesn't need too much!

  1. Apply eye makeup

When applying eye makeup, you can make your face look smaller by using high gloss makeup. When painting eye makeup, first brush the eyebrows, and then thrush.

  1. Pinch eyelashes

After brushing your eyebrows, you can clip your eyelashes. First, use the eyelash clip to hold the eyelashes up. During the clip, start from the root of the eyelashes and slowly move outward. Repeat the operation several times until you see the eyelashes curl to your satisfaction. Finally, add some eye black.

  1. Draw lips

First, apply a layer of lipstick, then choose your favorite color of lipstick, then choose a lip pen with the same color as lipstick, draw your favorite lip shape, and finally apply lipstick with a lip brush and fill your lips.

  1. Blush

When applying powder blusher, you should use a special powder blusher brush, dip a little blush powder on the upper of the cheeks, and then use the brush to gently and evenly brush the cheeks with the excess powder. When applying powder blusher, you can't ignore the effect of other parts of the face.

  1. Honey powder

After applying powder blusher, you can apply honey powder. After applying honey powder, just like powder blusher, you can bounce off the excess honey powder, and then apply honey powder around your eyes, next to your nose, and next to your mouth in order.

Winter Make-up Techniques

  1. Makeup

The color of makeup should be bright. Use orange and dark brown powder blusher to draw the outline of the face, so that the face looks more beautiful and three-dimensional.

  1. Eye shadow

The upper eyelid is also brushed with orange eye shadow, and it should be fused with the eye shadow near the eye. We use dark brown eye shadow near the end of the lower eyelid. In terms of eyeliner painting, we need to remember that the eyeliner needs to be slightly darker than the eye tail to create a sharp eye shape.

  1. Lip makeup

Use a lipliner to describe the lip shape and draw a straight lip shape, which can show your masculinity. Then apply the dark red lipstick on the lips. The mouth part is dark brown lipstick, and use the lip brush to shade the lipstick toward the center of the lips to create a three-dimensional hierarchical shape.

  1. Powder blusher

In winter, powder blusher should not be ignored. Some women find powder blusher troublesome and omit it without much effect. However, winter is originally a season of barren vegetation and monotonous color, which easily makes people look bad. At this time, if you omit powder blusher, you will appear unpopular.

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