Skin Care Steps Before Makeup in Winter

Skin Care Steps Before Makeup in Winter

Before making up in winter, you need to get ready for skin care. Now I will introduce the skin care steps.

Step 1: skin cleaning water temperature

In the cold winter, are you washing your face with hot water? After washing, the face will become very tight, because the water temperature is too high, so that the water on the face volatilizes faster, and the only oil is washed away. If you want to make your face less dry, replace the face washing water with cold water. Cold water can not only moisturize your skin, but also increase its resistance. Oily skin can be washed with warm water for the first time, and then washed with cold water.

Step 2: facial cleanser

The second step is the choice of facial cleanser. For dry skin, choose mild facial cleanser with strong moisturizing effect, and the one without foam is the best choice. Oily skin can use some products with a little degreasing power, and can not use too strong. Pay special attention to the cleaning of the T-shaped part when washing.

Step 3: exfoliate

The removal of cutin can let you say goodbye to dark and rough skin in winter. Use small particles of exfoliating cream to exfoliate the skin once a week. After exfoliation, rinse thoroughly with clean water, and there must be no residue.

Step 4: toner

After cleaning the skin, it is necessary to use the toner to replenish water for the skin. The astringent toner can help the skin shrink its pores. Take a proper amount of skin softener on the palm, the temperature of the palm can make it better absorbed by the skin, and then gently pat it on the face.

Step 5: moisturizing cream

Then it will moisturize the skin for a whole day. Use the natural mild moisturizing cream, and apply it after taking the toner for better absorption. For extremely dry skin, lotion type can be used. The moisturizing oil contained in it can be used to better moisturize the skin.

Step 6: isolating cream

Before going out, be sure to wear the isolation cream, and use the isolation cream with sunscreen effect. Isolating cream can help you isolate external pollution, prevent weak ultraviolet rays in winter, and brighten your skin color.

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