chhose best liquid foundation or powder foundation

Should I Choose Best Liquid Foundation or Powder Foundation?

Ladies who love beauty know that when it comes to skin care, they have to choose the right skin care product according to their skin type. In fact, you must also take this into consideration when choosing a foundation. Because foundation is not a skin care product, choosing a foundation type according to skin type is prone to be overlooked by many people.

Foundation is a collective term for a series of basic foundation makeup. Generally speaking, it includes three types: foundation (cream), pressed powder, and loose powder.

There are four main differences between liquid foundation and powder foundation:

1.Different morphology

Liquid foundation: liquid.

Pressed powder: pressed powdery solid.

2.Suitable for different skin types

Liquid foundation: It is more suitable for dry or mixed skin, because liquid foundation is generally moisturizing, and it is very comfortable after applying on the face.

Pressed powder: suitable or oily skin. The powdered product can absorb the oil on the face and can achieve the effect of controlling oil. The pressed powder is smooth and light.

3.Different makeup effects

Liquid foundation: It is more shiny, clear, and has the effect of creating nude makeup.

Pressed powder: matte, matte makeup, the makeup will be slightly heavier.

4.Concealer is different.

Liquid foundation: suitable for covering some spots, redness on the face, etc., you can adjust the skin tone of the whole face evenly.

Powder: Suitable for covering some acne marks, small pits on the face, etc., because the powder can fill the unevenness of the pores.


Well, after understanding the differences between the two, I believe everyone knows how to choose the best liquid foundation or powder foundation.

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