How to Stop Concealer from Creasing

How to Stop Concealer from Creasing

Everyone has been through the struggle of having their concealer, or foundation creasing on them as the day goes by. Sometimes the concealer settles into your fine lines or completely just separates. Even though you can’t stop creasing completely, makeup artist named Kashish Mustafa has some ways that can help your makeup look smoother.

1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize
Before you start your makeup, you need to focus on your skin care. I never apply foundation
or concealer without moisturizing using a thick moisturizer. Moisturizing before you apply your makeup should make it apply and look much smoother because the foundation and concealer can’t cling to any dry skin (which causes blotchiness).

2. Choose your formula carefully
The type of concealer you use makes a big difference,anything too thin, too dry, or too moisturizing can cause creasing. For me, I realized that when I would wear lighter coverage, dewy concealers, that my under eyes would crease a lot. I suggest using a thicker concealer which is more on the matte side to minimize the creasing.

3. Blend away
The secret to flawless makeup is always determined on how much you blend. It’s simply really, the more you blend, the more airbrushed you look. For concealing, I suggest using a sponge and dabbing it in place, making sure to never drag the sponge and product. When I blend more, my concealer and foundation tends to crease and settle into my fine lines less giving me a smoother makeup base.

4. Never forget to set
It is very important that you always complete your makeup by setting it with power. The powder locks your makeup in place so that it doesn’t move around throughout the day and settle into fine lines. However, I avoid baking because if your skin is on the drier side, the power will dry out your makeup and skin and can actually make your makeup look MORE creased.”
“You need to set your concealer as soon as possible,” The makeup artist Emily Keller said,“You put a lot of translucent powder on the spot you want to set (making sure there’s no creasing before you put it on) then wait 5 to 10 seconds with the extra powder on, then sweep it off with a brush. It keeps your concealer locked in all day, and has a really nice finish.”
Another makeup artist named Dorothy Hohl-Lorenc advises to use a very light application of a finishing powder which consists solely of Dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer & silica (the silica absorbs moisture and further helps to avoid creasing) over your entire face.
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