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How to Choose the Best Eyeshadow Palette for Beginners

Girls are often excited and frightened when they begin to draw eye shadows. This complicated psychology comes from their unskilled eye shadow drawing skills and yearning for good-looking eye makeup. We can slowly practice with unskilled technology. This is a process, and what we need to do first is to learn to choose an eye shadow palette that suits us, so that when we apply eye makeup, we will not cause the whole because of choosing inappropriate eye shadow Makeup looks abrupt. So start today's teaching on how to choose an eye shadow palette for beginners. warm and cold tones

1.Warm and cold color science

Everyone knows that our skin is divided into cold skin and warm skin, and the color tone is also distinguished from cold and warm tone. So which are warm tones and which are cool tones?

Although it cannot be said too general, it can be distinguished in this way: "yellow", "red", "orange" and other colors are called warm colors, and "blue", "green", and "gray" are cold colors, so as yellow people For us, its practical warm color is more suitable as the base color of the eyeshadow, but it is not absolute. If your skin tone is relatively white, it is also possible to use cool purple and blue.

2.Texture of Eye Shadow Eye shadow is divided into matte, pearlescent and polarized textures. To choose an eye shadow palette, you should actually decide according to the purpose of your makeup on the day, the occasion to go and the overall makeup. Because the eye makeup is an obvious part of the makeup, it should not be too obtrusive. Then we will introduce three parts in turn:


Matte eyeshadows are characterized by high color saturation and are easier to apply. It is an eye shadow style that is very suitable for daily light makeup. Many matte eyeshadows have relatively low shades, so the color will be relatively dark. It is also a good choice for commuting makeup. Another advantage is that it can bear With both eyes bright and deep, any eye shape can be well suited for matte. If you have some swollen eyes that day, you can use it to conceal it well. In addition, matte is very low-key without sequins.


Pearlescent and matte are completely opposite. They are a relatively high-profile type, which adds a lot of fine shimmers, which is relatively more prone to flying powder. Even if the pressure is more solid, I still hope that the girls will apply a little bit of water to paint when applying makeup to avoid flying powder. Because the color is light and shiny, it is suitable for larger occasions and appointments.

Polarized light:

Polarized light is an eye shadow that is not very eye-catching. It is very beautiful whether it is applied alone or over rubbed. After use, there is another color display on its surface. It can be said that it is the favorite of many girls.

3.How to choose eyeshadow palette

On how to choose an eye shadow palette, the first thing everyone will do is to see all kinds of grass and friends to recommend. But what I want to say is that the skin texture of other people may not be suitable for you. The importance of cold and warm skin to whitening and eye shadow coloring was also popularized in 1st. The first thing we need to do is to make sure that our skin is cold. The skin is still warm, and then choose according to the specific conditions of your skin. At first, you do n’t need to choose a very expensive eye shadow plate. It is enough to choose one or two plates with most commonly used color numbers. At the same time as the eyeshadow, we are further proficient in makeup knowledge, and then we will choose other eyeshadow palettes. I personally think that this is the best way to choose an eyeshadow palette. After all, you can't buy the eyeshadow palettes that are released every year.


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