How to Apply Eyeliner Correctly for Beginners

How to Apply Eyeliner Correctly for Beginners

This article is going to be all about eyeliner because I've been reading a lot of your comments recently and this topic came up quite a bit so today I'll be sharing with you guys two really easy looks on how to use in the pipe eyeliner.The first is a very natural everyday look and the second is what I'm wearing now a more dramatic wing look.So if you guys want to see what might have fun,keep reading.

To start off,I love using my black Party Queen gel eyeliner.It's the perfect consistency and very pigmented,so it does the job.Now I know a lot of people use angled brushes and dull liner brushes,but I find that using the ZOREYA eyeliner brush really gives me the thickness and precision I want with my eyeliner.

    Tip 1:Use one side of brush

    When I start applying,I'd like to pick up the product with one side of the brush and then start working in the inner and outer corners first then I'll connect the lines and run my brush over the entire upper lash line.I find that it's the easiest way to put on eyeliner and you dont't want to draw a straight line through because that's when most accidents happen.So take it slow and work in small sections.

    Tip 2:Tightline eyes

    And once I've done that I always like to tightline my eyes to make it really stand out and this is my natural everyday eyeliner.

natural everyday eyeliner look

    Tip 3:Follow lower lash line

    When it comes to winged eyeliner it can get a little tricky.So my best tip is to follow your bottom lash line up naturally.This way your wing will look most natural and it will flow.

    Tip 4:Draw 1/2 inch wing

    So when drawing the wing,I use soft strokes to create about a half an inch wing.I first draw a straight line that follows my bottom lash line and then I'll fill in a space between to connect them and this is my go-to way to create that seamless wing eye.Then I just like to go over the entire eyeliner to make sure it's even.

    Then to bring it all togeather I like to curl my lashes with my Malian eyelash curler and apply a few coats of mascara and the one I'm using here is the roller lash by Party Queen.Remember practice makes perfect.So don't worry if you don't get it the first time.It's tricky but you can do it.Just go slow and do it in sections.And this is the final look winged eyeliner.

winged eyeliner look

OK,that's all for today.I hope you enjoy the article and saw some tips here you can in your eyeliner slash make everything and of course if you haven't done this already be sure to click on that subsricbe button.


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