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Are Lip Balm and Chapstick the Same Thing

We usually call moisturizing colorless lipstick “lip balm”.But some people call it chapstick.Are lip balm and chapstick the same thing
What is lip balm?

lip balm

Lip balm is a kind of lipstick. It is a waxy solid lip product made by heating, mixing, molding and other processes with oils, lipids, and waxes as the main raw materials.
In contrast to the skin, the stratum corneum of the lips is very thin, and water is easily evaporated. In addition, it has poor physical irritation, is easily injured, has almost no sebum film, and is easily rough due to dryness. It is a relatively sensitive part and requires careful attention.Therefore, when you are not applying lipstick with moisturizing effects, you can use lip balm.
Lip balm mainly moisturizes and protects lips. There are also some lipsticks with functions such as preventing dryness, reducing lip wrinkles, providing a cooling sensation, and plumping lips.
Properties of lip balm:
1. No irritation, harmlessness and no microbial contamination to lips.
2. It has a natural, fresh and pleasant taste and smell.
3. Smooth and smooth when applying.
4. Stable quality and good weather resistance.
The main components of lip balm are oils, waxes, active or functional ingredients, fillers, flavors, and antioxidants. Some lip balm can also contain colored pigments or pearlescent colors to make them have color or luster; but the difference from lipsticks is that they generally do not contain colored pigments or only contain a small amount of colored pigments.
What is chapstick?


ChapStick is a brand name of lip balm manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Company.
Because this brand is used by many people,some people like to call lip balm “chapstick”.It seems that “chapstick” is a created synonym of “lip balm”.

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