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Should Workers Go to Work without Makeup?

The workplace is becoming more personal as more "new generations" join in. And the related workplace makeup, like a mirror, shows the colorful workplace looks of different eras. Therefore, whether to go to work without makeup or makeup has also become an interesting workplace topic.

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1st View: Daily work makeup is a kind of workplace etiquette.

Makeup or no makeup, this seems to be a matter of personal choice. In the eyes of many professionals, it is related to workplace etiquette.

Ms. Jiang, who is engaged in the sales industry, believes that "from a personal point of view, makeup is a polite behavior." She believes that the standard definition of professional etiquette, regardless of men and women, includes proper dress. "People have their own standards and definitions for appearance. Girls who think they are not good-looking without makeup wear makeup to work to improve themselves and respect others. Boys also need to dress appropriately to abide by this 'professional etiquette'."

She pointed out that in general, good looks attract more attention, which is why more and more people are using makeup to decorate themselves. For service-oriented industries and other reception-type jobs, clean and tidy appearance is a manifestation of courtesy to others and a virtue of respecting others; at the same time, neat makeup gives people a sense of comfort and creates a good job for themselves and their colleagues The environment is the minimum respect for others.

2rd View: Wearing makeup to go to work can enter the role and state faster.

Recently, a workplace survey called "2022 New Trends in Workplace Beauty" revealed many interesting phenomena.

First of all, although "post-00s" entered the workplace for the first time, they have already brought a different trend in makeup. Data shows that 42% of the "post-00" newcomers in the workplace dress up and go to work every day. Only 4% of the "post-00s" will wear casual clothes and go to work in the company.

Xiao Li, a newcomer to the "post-00s" workplace, said: "It has become a working habit to get up early in the morning to spend an hour and put on a make-up, and it feels like this can quickly enter your work role and state."

The survey pointed out that this part of the "post-00s" are obsessed with makeup because of their emphasis on work. Especially those working in foreign companies, more than 60% of employees wear makeup to work every day, and spend more than half an hour on makeup every day on average. From the perspective of working people who wear makeup to work, they show their love and attention to their work through makeup, and they are willing to spend time, energy and thought on makeup, and present their best side to leaders, colleagues, and customers. These little details determine Success or failure reflects the attitude towards work.

3rd View: Make-up or not depends on occupational needs.

"In fact, makeup is time-consuming. Putting on makeup before going out in the morning and removing makeup before going to bed at night will take up a large part of the time in the morning and the night." Some married women in the workplace pointed out that when they grow older and their roles change, Private time in the morning and evening is even more precious. So, for pragmatists in the workplace, the core of whether to wear makeup to work is - is your job worth the time to wear makeup every day? Does your career require you to maintain a refined appearance?

For example, some occupations must wear makeup every day, such as flight attendants, models, beauty practitioners, and certain window occupations. These occupations or positions may feel like something is missing without makeup. But in addition, some people in the workplace believe that there is no need to waste too much time on makeup and dressing up in the morning.

"For example, I work without makeup. The nature of my work is 'technology + technical management', and without makeup will not affect my professionalism. But if one day, my job becomes mainly dealing with customers from outside units. , or I have entered a company that pays more attention to the mentality of employees, especially a foreign company, then I will most likely follow the crowd and make up.” said Miss Zhang, who works in an Internet finance company.

As for the so-called view that makeup is respect for others, she disagreed. "I think abiding by the rules and being in the company is the respect for the environment and others. As for the issue of makeup, if it is not a professional requirement, then I still insist on not wearing makeup unless it is necessary."

4th View: Makeup is out of the need to "please yourself".

There is a view that whether to wear makeup for work, in addition to the nature of the work, is a matter of decency; more importantly, it depends on personal preferences and habits, which is a manifestation of self-pleasure and self-satisfaction.

"2022 New Trends in Workplace Beauty Makeup" also reflects that post-00s makeup for work is also out of their own needs to please themselves. After 00, Xiao Li said: "Although my colleagues in the company are all acquaintances who can't look up but not look down, makeup is still indispensable. A good makeup is an expression of pleasing and self-appreciation."

A post-90s man who works in a big Internet factory in Shanghai reported that he spends an hour getting dressed every day before going to work. Since he worked for 5 years, his skin care budget has increased by 50% year-on-year, and he likes to buy face masks on weekdays. Regarding makeup, his attitude is "please yourself, advanced beauty is a kind of self-appreciation." In his opinion, whether men or women, makeup and dressing can bring self-confidence to a person, and it will also make people more positive and positive about life and work. Enthusiasm and so on will increase.

It is undeniable that the rising trend of "showing individuality" and "pleasing oneself" is obvious, and more young people are exploring new trends in beauty and discovering new workplaces. The survey results show that more than 40% of the post-00s wear makeup, which is undoubtedly one of the groups with the highest makeup rate. This actually reflects the life attitude of the post-00s. Although work is hard, it does not mean to be "smooth" and to pursue an optimal balance between work and self-satisfaction.

Post-90s' point of view: The most appropriate makeup look in the workplace is "decency".

In September, another batch of newcomers to the workplace left the ivory tower and entered the "social university". Authoritative surveys have shown that through the survey of workplace beauty consumption, we can gain insight into the changes in workplace concepts and mentality of each generation. It can be seen from the report that compared with the "post-80s" and "post-90s", the "post-00s" who officially entered the workplace this year have further broadened the boundaries of workplace makeup.

For example, "retro makeup" and "Y2K (millennium) makeup" began to appear in the office magnanimously, and young people's persistent pursuit of individuality and self-satisfaction is self-evident. Moreover, workplace makeup is no longer exclusive to women. "Post-00s" men no longer regard makeup as a monster, and even consider it a "just need" to improve workplace confidence. Here, do not evaluate "correct" or not, after all, the enthusiasm of "post-00s" to dare to pursue individuality is worth encouraging. However, the pursuit of individuality does not mean unscrupulous. The author believes that it is not suitable for excessively exaggerated and personalized makeup to appear in the workplace.

So, what should a "universal" and "effective" workplace makeup look like? The author believes that it is a workplace after all, and it should not be too willful. It still depends on the industry, company atmosphere and requirements. The most important keyword is: decent. Don't put on heavy makeup, mainly to modify the skin and mental state, so that you look cleaner and more energetic.

Workplace makeup that is suitable for any occasion and can be called "effective" can be summarized as: streamlined and focused, capable and neat. However, for the "post-00s", they don't want the beauty of one thousand people. On this basis, it is not an exaggeration to add and integrate their own personalities and preferences.

Post-70s point of view: whether to wear makeup or not, leave it to the mood of the day.

Makeup or no makeup? Many women in the workplace are very confused.

I am so tired every day that I commute to and from get off work, and I still have to make time to put on and remove makeup, so let’s go without makeup! But if you think about it, it’s not good if you give your colleagues the impression of “why is this person so careless”.

The right to decide whether to wear makeup or not is left to the mood of the day.

As the saying goes, "the relationship is born from the heart", if you slept well last night, you will feel good when you wake up, but it happens that the morning is a little tight. So, even if you don't wear makeup, you can completely support your external state with a good mood. Smile more, frown less, and make a good impression on colleagues and clients if you dress appropriately.

But if you have insomnia, irritability, etc. all night, you still need to rely on makeup to "cover up". Cover up a little bad mood and sad face, you can not affect your colleagues, and it is not easy to worry about people who care about you.
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