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What Is Concealer and How I should Use it?

What is concealer?

Concealer can be regarded as a kind of foundation. The difference is that the concealer has better covering power than ordinary foundation, and it fits the skin better, and it is not easy to take off makeup. Everyone's face will have all kinds of flaws. Using concealer can make your face smooth and detailed.

There are usually three types of concealers: liquid, cream and strip. Liquid and stripe concealers have better coverage, but they must be skilled in applying makeup; creamy concealers have lower covering power, but because of the refreshing texture, they can easily create natural makeup. Generally, it is solid, but the viscosity varies.

When I should use concealer?

Apply concealer after using foundation. This order cannot be reversed.

What are the precautions for using concealer?

Don't use over-white concealer. That will only make your flaws more visible.

Do not apply the cream too thickly. In addition to being unnatural, the result is that the skin appears dry.

Use a creamy concealer around your eyes. Because the skin on the eyes is very delicate, it is better not to use a harder pencil-shaped concealer, otherwise it will easily cause fine lines on the eyes.

If there is no concealer product around, you can use a lighter foundation than foundation. In fact, this is also the rule when choosing concealer products. Concealer products that are lighter than foundation are best for you.

For transparent makeup, mix the concealer on your hands before using the foundation. Then apply loose powder to make the makeup look natural and transparent. If you use powder puff to apply loose powder, it will look thicker.

Green tone products are the most effective for acne. The red and swollen acne is the hardest to cover. Even professional makeup artists will be very careful in this link. Greenish-toned products have proven to be the most effective for covering acne.

Avoid applying concealer on the eyelids, it will make the eyeshadows look very dirty. If the skin on the eyes is very dry, you should apply a moisturizing eye cream before applying concealer to prevent too many dry lines from appearing.

The best tool for concealer is your finger. Because the intensity is relatively even when used, and the temperature will make the concealer closer to the skin. If you really don't like to use your hands, you can choose a thin and pointed makeup brush, preferably artificial fiber instead of natural brown hair.

The best choice to deal with dark circles under the orange shade of concealer. Place the concealer on the dark circles and gently push the concealer around with your ring finger. Then use the sponge to spread the daily foundation evenly on the entire face. When you reach the eye area, don't push it, and apply it gently. When covering dark circles, don't forget the inner and outer corners of the eyes, because these two parts are the most serious areas of dark circles, but they are also the areas that are most easily overlooked.

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