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The Color of Human Eyes

Why do human eyes have different colors?

The eye color that everyone usually says refers to the color of the middle part in front of the eyeball (that is, the colored ring on the eye).

This part is made up of cornea, iris and pupil. Among them, the cornea is colorless and transparent, and the pupil is only a channel through which light enters the eye, regardless of color. Therefore, the color of the eyeball is the color of the iris.

structure of human eye

What colors do human eyes have?

We have always believed that we are Asians with dark eyes and yellow skin. But in fact, many people's skin color is not yellow, darker, pinker, darker, and fair complexion are possible. And most of our pupils are not pure black, so please take a look at the mirror to check your own eye color.


Brown pupils account for about half, which means that most people with brown eyes have brown eyes, especially Asians. Brown is the most common pupil color, similar to caramel. Because the brown pupil is a dominant inherited gene, it is easily retained in heredity.

Light brown.

Light brown eyes are lighter than brown eyes, and the overall hue is yellowish or greenish. The brown pupils have less pigment, so they look a little more transparent. But the proportion of brown-eyed people is still relatively large.


Rare than brown eyes are blue eyes. Blue eyes will show dark blue, turquoise blue, light blue or transparent blue like ice due to different pigments and platelet distribution. And blue eyes are not just the exclusive color of white races, other races also have blue eyes.


Green eyes are more rare than blue eyes. Generally not pure green, gray-green or yellow-green will be more, if it is pure green, it will be more rare.

And we have always thought that our iconic black pupils are actually as rare as green. Compared with the brown pupils, the black pupils are dark or rich dark brown, and the pupils are almost invisible.

Other absolutely rare iris colors are gold, purple, red, and pink. Albino patients usually have purple and red pink. And there are some individuals who have different pupil colors on the left and right, or different colors in one pupil, which are all unique.

Dear reader, what other colors do you know? Welcome message.


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