How Do Blackheads on Nose Generate

  Blackheads, also known as blackheads, are open acne (the surface layer of sebum that blocks the pores is directly exposed to the outside and comes in contact with air and dust in the air). It is caused by the oxidation of skin oils in the air. It stinks and turns black. Blackheads are common in adolescents during adolescence. They usually occur on the face, chest and back, especially the nose with the most small blackheads, which are characterized by obvious enlargement. The black spots in the pores of the pores are shaped like small insects after being squeezed out, and the tops are black.

  So, what factors contribute to the formation of blackheads?

  1. High temperature environment

  Theoretically, the size of the pores on the same person is a certain size, and the thickness of the hair that grows is also certain. If the pores become thicker, it is simply because of excessive sebaceous gland secretion, blockage of the pores, or loss of elasticity of the surrounding connective tissues. , And then expand. One of the most easily noticed is the secretion of sebaceous glands. Although natural physique will affect the number and weight of sebaceous glands, sebaceous glands will become more active due to certain environmental factors. Among them, the temperature in the environment is the most influential. If the temperature of the human body becomes higher, the secretion of the sebaceous glands will increase. According to statistics, the secretion of the sebaceous glands will increase by 10% for each degree of increase in the environmental temperature of the human body. If the environment of 25 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius is used, the secretion of sebaceous glands will increase. In comparison, the sebum secreted by the latter is twice that of the former.

  Therefore, there are more people with acne and acne on their faces in summer than in winter, and people who have been in a hot working environment for a long time will also have to work harder to clean their skin. Therefore, they usually do not officially enter the summer. At that time, we could see many advertisements for oil control and anti-acne products on TV, that's why.

  1. Secretion disorders

  Many people may have experienced this kind of experience: the skin condition is good, but suddenly a face has acne, and no matter what skin care products are used, there is no sign of improvement. This situation can be simple and practical. Acne-removing and printing products, timely conditioning the skin, and preventing further deterioration of acne...

  Because people are in a dynamic balance, it is normal to have stress every day, but our heart and body will also have "resistance" to face these stresses. So some people say that it’s impossible to have no stress, such as sickness, uncomfortable body, headache pain, tight throat, upset, or eat more today, eat less, etc., for the human body It's all stress. But sometimes, we will encounter some troubles in life or in the body, which will naturally cause a kind of pressure on us. In order to resist these pressures, the body will adjust the hormonal system. At the same time as the hormonal adjustment, Adrenaline and androgen will also be high, and when these troubles exceed our mental or physical "resistance", the high androgen will be more obvious, and the secretion of sebum will increase. Compared with any other external factors, this reason is less likely to be noticed because it takes longer to brew. However, this kind of hormone-induced increase in sebaceous gland secretion cannot be solved by maintenance. The only thing that can be improved is the blockage.

  In addition, another factor that has nothing to do with emotions but still affects the secretion of hormones is the female menstrual period. Generally speaking, after most girls ovulate, the progesterone in their body will increase, which indirectly causes the secretion of sebum to also increase. Therefore, during the period from ovulation to before the menstrual period, many girls have their faces The acne is easy to become acne, which is caused by the stimulation of progesterone and androgen, which increases the secretion of sebum.

  1. Improper diet

  Many people may think that the more fried foods are eaten, the easier it is to develop acne, but in fact, after we eat fried foods, the oil will not run directly into the pores. On the contrary, most of the Oil will be metabolized. As for whether the remaining oil after metabolism will increase the secretion of sebaceous glands, it depends on the two factors of physique and hormones.

  Therefore, if the physique is normal and the hormone secretion is good, the oil will not appear on the pores. The impact of diet on acne is actually very small. Humans rarely develop acne because of certain foods. On the contrary, when we are dieting, overeating or eating too much junk food, our body has to give more energy. To deal with (or digest) this situation, if the "resistance" that the mind or body can withstand is exceeded, it will form harmful stress, which will cause the body to produce hormonal imbalance, and stimulate the secretion of androgen or adrenaline. And then let the face grow acne and acne.

  Although a certain medical research puts forward the argument that "the hormones secreted by cows in milk will cause stress to the human body", that is to say, if we drink more than three cups a day, the intake of cows hormones will increase and our body The hormones in it are also prone to imbalance, but such a statement cannot prove that drinking milk will cause acne. It just means that if we drink too much, our body will be in an unstable state, acne on the face. It blasts easily.

  Therefore, it is not necessary to grow "beans" to get "acne". As long as we follow a balanced diet, don't over diet, and don't overeating, we can prevent acne from growing into acne.

  1. Drugs

  Whether drugs cause harm depends mainly on the physique of the person involved. Some physiques may be more sensitive to certain drugs, but other people will be fine if they take certain drugs. Therefore, we would suggest that if you take some drugs and have a particularly bad acne If it is severe, or the skin will be more prone to redness and hair fall after being exposed to the sun, then you can see if the medicine you took at that time contains the following ingredients. As long as you can find it early, you can usually avoid damage in time.

  1. Improper supplies

  Many people often buy various skin care products or cosmetics. In order to make the skin better, they will spend money to buy new products as soon as they see the advertisement, but they don’t get beautiful skins after spending the money, but they can’t throw them all away, so they have to take them all. Ask the doctor, what can be used? What can't be used...

  In order to give the skin the best cleansing and nutrients, many people always spend a lot of money on expensive makeup and skin care products, but in fact, excessive sebum secretion, clogged pores, etc., are often caused by incorrect use. Caused by skin care products. Such as: cleansing oil, lotion, cream.

  1. Wrong tactics
  Many girls like to use acne needles to press out the blackheads, but for the nose part, they use a lot of effort to scrape. In this process, the power of the head of the acne needle is extremely great. If the pores are pulled open by external force, the skin will be injured. If the pores cannot be recovered immediately at this time, the pores will become larger and larger, and of course you will love more and more. Accumulated grease and turned into blackheads.
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