How to do makeup in hot summer?

How to Do Makeup in Hot Summer

  Summer is a season of very strong sunshine, and it feels like people are going to be sunburned at this time. And what makes people feel uncomfortable is that when the weather is hot, our faces start to sweat and our faces look greasy. If we wear heavy makeup, it is easy to make the whole makeup look very dirty. It becomes greasy.

  This kind of makeup is not suitable for summer at all, and refreshing light makeup is the first choice in summer. Light makeup does not mean "simple", but light makeup is more difficult than heavy makeup. How to make makeup look like it is not done is our goal. Let's take a look at summer light makeup tutorials. Many makeup artists are like this. Oh, it is. 

  Ready to work

  You can put on a moisturizing mask before applying makeup. Facial moisturizing and moisturizing is also conducive to the balance of water and oil on the skin, so that after the mask is absorbed, the skin will become refreshed and not sticky, and it will be very compliant when applying the base makeup, and there will be no jamming phenomenon.

  When choosing a facial mask, choose a facial mask with a refreshing texture and oil-controlling moisturizing effect. Don't choose a facial mask with a large gel mass. It will not be easy to clean off, and the makeup will be muddy.

  In addition, you can use a makeup primer that contains some fillers. Before makeup, apply evenly on the nose, cheeks, and T-zone areas, which can easily solve the phenomenon of powder sticking. For example, some makeup primers will contain silicone silk, mica, quartz, etc. This type of makeup primer will have a silky feel on the face, which can quickly smooth out the large pores of the skin and fill up the pores.


  Base makeup

  When putting on makeup, the most important thing is the base makeup, which is the key to making you look natural and beautiful. After doing the basic skin care work, choose a lighter air cushion BB cream to put on the base makeup. This will be very natural, and the painted white will look like what we already have.

  When applying it, pay attention to a small amount and make up more to ensure that the base makeup is light and textured. If you are worried that the air cushion is too thin to cover the acne marks and stains on your face, you can also use a concealer stick to cover up the small blemishes on your face. As long as you don’t make your makeup thick, it won’t look greasy.



  It is said that the eyebrows can best reflect the temperament of a person. As long as the shape of the eyebrows changes, the whole person's feeling will be different. Therefore, even if the makeup is omitted, the point of eyebrows cannot be overlooked. When we transform, we must first use the eyebrow pencil to outline the shape of the eyebrows, and the peaks and tails of the eyebrows should be angled, and then fill in the inner part.



  To make yourself look energetic, eyeliner is a must. Since it is light makeup, the suggestion is to apply the inner eyeliner, and then draw a little thin on the upper eyelashes, not too thick, otherwise it will be easy to smudge out when you sweat, causing dark circles in the eye bags.


  Set makeup

  The most likely thing to happen to makeup in summer is to take off. Therefore, our most important step is to set the makeup after finishing. This is why some people's makeup looks very delicate and refreshing. We can use loose powder or makeup spray to complete it, which can enhance facial gloss and makeup durability, and hide pores. Finally, we put on fresh and moist lipstick, and we are ready to go out.


  Even if it is not oily skin, in the hateful summer, sweating becomes the enemy of makeup, let alone wearing a mask, the picture is simply too beautiful to imagine. For girls who love to sweat, there is actually a coup for confrontation, that is, baking and fixing makeup. This name may sound a bit confusing at first, but it is actually very vivid.

  After baking, the shiny skin and moisture will be absorbed, and it will become dry and silky in an instant. Of course, the baking setting method needs to use a lot of loose powder every time. Girls with tight pockets, remember to choose cheap and large-capacity ones. Loose powder so that it won't hurt.

  We can use the method of loose powder + foundation + loose powder to control the oil and moisture at the beginning, and then layer the loose powder after applying the foundation. After applying the skin care product and absorbing it, first apply a layer of loose powder on the face. You need a thin layer, and then a layer of loose powder. The amount depends on your skin texture. If it is oily, it will be more puffed, and if it is dry, it will be less puffed. For those areas with a lot of oil, you can also focus on applying more powder.

  I used a makeup brush to choose a setting powder that suits my color, because the setting powder is also loose powder, and the shape is not very good. If you apply it directly with a sponge, it will easily cause unevenness, while using a makeup brush can make the overall makeup more perfect. Exquisite, you can dip a little when using the makeup brush, and gently sweep it on our face!

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