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How to Do Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

As we known, people with brown eyes are the most large group in different colors of human eyes. You can read our article "The Color of Human Eyes" to know more about this. So it is important to write this article: how to do eyeshadow for brown eyes.


Use a cotton ball or soft tissue to clean your eyes.Then you can use eye primer to do base for your eyes.After this,pick an eye concealer that is lighter shade than your skin tone to apply under eyes.

Now we can start to do eyeshadow after finishing all the preparement.


Step 1: Choose a color palette that enhances brown eyes.

Fortunately, many different colors work well with brown eyes, because they don’t clash with much. You can experiment with several different palettes, finding one that works best with your shade of brown.

For deep brown eyes, try a beautiful royal or navy blue color. This will contrast beautifully with the dark brown, making your eyes really stand out.

If you have hints of hazel in your brown eyes, try different variants of purple.

Choose a metallic gold to make your eyes really stand out. Gold shadows will highlight the flecks of gold in your eyes, making them sparkle.

Don't be afraid to experiment with other bright, bold colors. They will only intensify the natural richness of brown eyes.

To create an eye shadow look with great depth, choose a palette with at least three colors.


Find new ways to add color to your eyes. Yuka Arora, a makeup artist known for her colorful looks, says: "If you have brown eyes, try using purples or blues to really make your eyes stand out. Golds and coppers also look really great with brown eyes. Even if you don't want to go in with full-on eye shadow, there are so many ways you can subtly add color. For instance, you can do a colorful mascara, like blue. You can also use brightly-colored eyeliner across your lash line, in the inner corner, or on your water line."


Step 2: Apply the base shade to the entire lid.

No matter which color palette you’ve chosen, you should use the lightest shade as the base for your look. Using a fluffy eye shadow brush, apply the shadow over the entire lid, from the lash line to above the eyelid crease.

Because you’re working with a light shade, you may need to go over the lid several times to pack on enough color. Certain shadows are more pigmented than others.

To make the light shade as intense as possible, you can apply a coat of white eyeliner to the entire lid before applying your shadow.


Step 3: Brush a darker shade into the crease.

Apply the powder to your brush, and simply follow your natural crease. Continue brushing back and forth in the crease along your brow bone, from the outer corner of your eye to nearly the inner corner.By adding a darker color to the crease, you will create depth and dimension that will highlight the natural hues of your eyes.

If you aren’t sure about the application of a crease color, imagine a windshield wiper. Simply brush back and forth to enhance the natural shadow of the crease.

Once you’ve applied the crease color, make sure you blend it out. It should blend seamlessly into the lighter base color to look soft and natural.


Step 4: Apply the darkest shade to the outer corner.

If you are working with two colors, you can simply apply the crease color to the outer corner. By adding a dark color to the outer corner, you will open up the eyes and make them look bigger, especially if they are close-set. Apply the shadow in a triangle shape, extending from your top lash line and blending upwards.

Clean your shadow brush, or grab a new brush, and blend the shadows together thoroughly. There shouldn’t be stark borders or lines in your shadows.


Step 5: Clean up fall-out under the eyes.

As you brush powder onto your lids, there is bound to be some shadow that ends up under your eye. The beautiful brown color of your eyes won’t pop if you have smudged, messy makeup along the bottoms of your eyes! Dip a Q-tip in makeup remover and gently blot the shadow away, or invest in a makeup remover pen, to get rid of any stray shadow.

Another trick is to gently blot under your eyes with tape. The stickiness of the tape should pick up any loose bits of shadow.


If you want to perfect your eye makeup,apply eyeliner and mascara additionally.


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