best lip balm for dry lips

How to Choose the Best Lip Balm for Dry Lips

In the autumn and winter season, the climate is relatively dry. At this time, our lips may suffer, either chapped or peeling. These conditions not only affect the appearance, but also make your lips sore. At this time, if you can have a good lip balm and moisturize you every day, it will improve and solve these problems. How do female friends choose the best lip balm for dry lips correctly and how to use it reasonably?
First of all, when you buy a lip balm, you must look at its ingredient list. Choose one with a lot of natural ingredients instead of one with a lot of chemical ingredients. Lip balm is applied to the lips. Lips are sensitive skin and are easy to eat into the stomach. Therefore, we must first choose pure natural products.
Secondly, be sure to choose a lip balm with less ingredients, preferably one for pregnant women, the kind that can be used by pregnant women. Generally speaking, the less the ingredients of the lip balm, the less harmful it will naturally be. When choosing, you should see if it is available for pregnant women. The pregnant-grade lip balm, coupled with the products of major manufacturers, is more secure.
Third, before you buy it, it is best to try it and see if this lip balm has a pungent smell. If you buy a lip balm in a supermarket, you should try it. A good lip balm is tasteless or has a light fragrance. Don't buy one that is too fragrant.
Fourth, if you buy lip balm in the summer, it is best to choose the one with UV protection. Nowadays, there are many kinds of lip balm, and the varieties are relatively rich. If you use it in summer, it is best to have UV protection, which can effectively protect your lips under the scorching sun.
Fifth, do not use lip balm frequently. If your lips are already hydrated, or if your lips are not chapped, peeling, etc., it is best to use less. Because lip balm is used for a long time, there will be a certain degree of dependence, so use it according to the actual situation.
Last,mind your reaction."Even some traditionally helpful ingredients, like beeswax, can cause allergic reactions in people." says Dr. Feely. Lanolin, peppermint and coconut oils, propylene glycol, fragrances, dyes, and more can also stir irritation, so if you feel that your lip balm is making things worse, it might be time to see your derm.

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