Can Concealer Be Used as Foundation

Can Concealer Be Used as Foundation

If you read my another article titled “What Is Concealer and How I should Use it”,you must know that concealer is used after applying foundation.

But we still want to know the answer for the question.Sometimes we just want to save money.Sometimes we meet the urgent situation that our foundation is finished.So,can concealer be used as foundation?

Concealer has better covering power than ordinary foundation, and it fits the skin better, so it is harder to take off.This is because concealer uses more thicker formula than foundation to do its main job that hides minor skin imperfections, such as red spots, black circles under eyes, etc.You just use it where you need to hide something.

Its thicker formula desides that it is used partly.It is not proper for covering all the face.Otherwise,your face can’t breathe and suffer from drying. And pores may be clogged.

However,how can we turn concealer into foundation to deal with urgent situations?

In fact, the idea of solving this problem has been very clear. We can only use the concealer as a foundation if it is diluted to a certain extent.

Face cream is an ideal thinner for diluting concealer if you usually use it.You can mix face cream and concealer in a 2:1 ratio. Please choose face creams that contain oil. If not, there is no way to blend perfectly with the concealer.

Well,if you don’t use face cream,you can try it with olive oil.However,the amount of it must be controlled properly. This method is for reference only. After all, the price of olive oil is very expensive in some countries and is not widely used.

Do you have any other ideas?Welcome to discuss it in the comment.

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