5 Pop Makeup Looks That Prove You Live in 2022

5 Pop Makeup Looks That Prove You Live in 2022

Today, let's take a look at the popular makeup looks in 2022. Every year, the popular makeup looks around the world are similar. Everyone should follow the fashion and never be left behind by them. These makeup looks are quite distinctive. You will find that many female stars have already put on them. Then you can try to find out if you can find a suitable makeup method.

Smokey Makeup

The first is smoking makeup, which has been in existence for a long time, but appears again in front of us in autumn and winter. The feature of this makeup is that it emphasizes the lines of the eyes very much, because it is difficult to show other parts in autumn and winter, so it is good to show the eyes.

a smokey makeup look in 2022

Twiggy Makeup

Secondly, Twiggy makeup, the name that many people may not have heard of, is representative of this kind of makeup, which makes people look like dolls, with exaggerated eyelashes, plus pink lipstick, the whole person is quite girly, which is also a rare kind of makeup nowadays.

a twiggy makeup look in 2022

Cream Makeup

Again, cream makeup. One of the characteristics of this kind of makeup is that it looks very transparent. I wonder if you have found that modern people increasingly like clean and simple makeup. This kind of makeup is characterized by a transparent base makeup, plus simple eyelashes and lipstick.

a cream makeup look in 2022

Macaron Makeup

Again, Macaron makeup. This kind of makeup is also popular this year. The biggest feature is that the color contrast will be mixed with different colors that we have not seen before. For example, eye shadow is combined with red and yellow, or mint, and light blue, which are rarely seen in daily life. But if used well, it will make the whole person very energetic.

a macaron makeup look in 2022

Shiny Makeup

Finally, shiny makeup is also a very fashionable makeup now. This makeup is to add some sequins to your face, especially in the eyes. So many people will add various eyelash sequins when they apply eye shadow to make your eyes look shiny and create a high-level sense.

a shiny makeup look in 2022

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