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What's the Difference Between BB and CC Cream

What is cc cream?

The full name of “CC cream” is Color Correction Cream. It is lighter in texture than BB cream.It emphasizes skin repair and maintenance effects, and is more suitable for sensitive skin.

The full name of BB cream is Blemish Balm, which means scar care cream. Its effect is more to provide concealing and retouching effect to the skin. A multi-effect bottle is suitable for most women. To learn more about BB cream, read another article: "The History and Use of BB Cream".

What's the difference between bb and cc cream? I answer this question from the following four aspects.


BB cream has a good concealing effect, and it is easy to produce an overly heavy makeup.

The concealer of CC cream is relatively more delicate. It can naturally cover the common spots and acne marks, but the more obvious acne needs to be fixed with a concealer.

  1. Makeup effect

BB cream can correct the skin tone, but it will produce a gray tone and can see a more obvious makeup feeling.

CC cream incorporates magical color changing technology, which can fully blend the cream body with the skin's hue by toning particles, to achieve a natural, transparent and light nude makeup, and at the same time, it can brighten dull and yellowish skin to make the whole person look better ,younger.

  1. Holding makeup

BB cream has a thick texture. It will produce a greasy feeling with makeup for a long time. Floating powder and eating powder are more serious. It is easy to block pores and cause problems such as acne and spots.

CC Cream optimizes the thick problem of BB Cream. Specially added snail moisturizing ingredients, the texture is lighter and more thorough. It is easy to push away, the makeup surface is more convincing, and the makeup is better.

  1. Skincare

BB cream does not add skin care ingredients, except for basic sun protection and isolation functions, it can not play a skin care role.

CC cream adds rich skin care ingredients, while exquisite makeup, sun protection, gentle skin care, reduce skin fatigue with makeup.

One of the main ingredients is called EGF raw material. The biggest feature of EGF is that it can promote the proliferation and differentiation of cells, so that new cells can replace aging and dead cells. In addition, EGF can stop bleeding and accelerate the healing of damaged skin. It is mainly used to promote the repair and regeneration of damaged epidermis. . EGF has excellent stability, is not easy to lose flow at room temperature, and can form a good coordination effect with various enzymes in the human body. Many people in the skin care industry know this magical little thing.

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