What does bb cream do

The History and Use of BB Cream

What does bb cream doIn fact, BB cream has gone through a long history, although it sounds relatively new. Let's look at each stage of development to see what it does.

BB cream has been around since the 1960s and originated in Germany. It was invented by German dermatologist Dr. Schrammek and was originally named: Blemish Balm. "BB" is its abbreviation.

The earliest research and development was originally intended to be a technical product for medical beauty. The purpose is to make sensitive and damaged skin have a real sense of protection, and also to provide people with laser treatment to protect, stabilize and soothe fragile skin. .

BB cream has been developed in the BB cream combined with skin care products and foundations, combining with the skin characteristics of Oriental women since it traveled to the Republic of Korea. Popular, laid a position in skin care products in one fell swoop. This generation of products has greatly improved the performance of concealer, but it is still relatively single-function and has serious homogeneity.

In 2009, the third generation of BB cream also came out one after another. This is also the BB cream we use. It achieves multiple effects such as foundation, isolation, concealment, skin care, etc., it is not easy to block pores, and has a good effect of modifying skin tone. It can be said that many women's skin care and beauty needs are met, and at the same time, it is easy to use, so it has become a must-have for women.

The third generation BB cream solves three major problems:

  1. The new skin has good permeability: because the latest beauty technology used in the third generation BB cream has a smaller molecular weight, it will not block pores after it is used on the face, and it has good air permeability.
  2. Deep nourishment: Due to its small molecular weight, it can directly reach the basal layer of the skin and directly act on the cells, which is beneficial to the absorption of nutrients by three to four times that of the second-generation BB cream. On this basis, the third-generation BB cream has also added the concept of deep moisturizing. In BB cream, the maintenance ingredients and the best moisturizing molecules are added: small molecular water is inside, which can be better supplemented by the latest cutting-edge ingredient embedding technology Skin moisture keeps the skin in a moisturized state for a long time, with good moisturizing properties, and the skin will not dry out after long-term use.
  3. Easily remove makeup. Because the nutrients are completely absorbed, use a normal makeup remover, or warm water and cleanser.

The fourth generation of BB cream is represented by professional radiation protection technology. The professional anti-radiation function is added on the basis of the original function. Redefined BB cream and become one of the members of radiation protection cosmetics.

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