Skin Problems and Care in Summer

Skin Problems and Care in Summer

  In summer, the temperature rises, the ultraviolet rays increase, and the climate changes tremendously. A series of skin problems will also occur. The common ones include severe oily skin, acne inflammation, and sunburn.

  1. Serious oily skin

  When the moisture and oil secreted in the skin are in a balanced state, the skin will show a healthy state, and once the oil and moisture are unbalanced, it will enter a sub-healthy state. Dry skin in summer, excessive water loss, the skin has to secrete more oil to lock in water, which will cause serious facial oil.

  1. Acne inflammation

  The body's oil secretion is relatively strong in summer. If the pore tube wall is smooth, the oil can be discharged smoothly, and it will not cause acne. However, in summer, the human body's metabolism is more vigorous than usual, and the body consumes more nutrients, lacks various vitamins and trace elements, and the pore walls become rough. The oil is thicker and more likely to clog the pores, so that the oil and dead keratinocytes mix to form a keratin plug, which is called acne.

  1. skin sunburn

  The temperature is high in summer. If you don’t do a good job of sun protection, it is easy to sunburn your skin and cause sun dermatitis or sunburn. Does it sound serious? This situation is more common in people with fair skin, manifested as the back of the hands, the "V" area on the chest, the face and other areas that are not covered by clothing. The typical features are redness and swelling of the skin, or the appearance of erythema and red papules the size of rice grains, or even blisters, conscious itching or burning sensation.

In summer, it can strengthen skin moisturizing and sun protection, and reduce skin diseases caused by dryness and lack of water and increased ultraviolet rays. If the skin has the above-mentioned problems, it is necessary to go to the dermatology department of the hospital for consultation in time under the premise of doing a good job of daily care.


  So, in summer, how should we do daily skin care?

  1. Sun protection is necessary, but don't overdo it.

  Now everyone pays great attention to sun protection when going out, but in the process of using sun protection, you must pay attention to it. Do not use sunscreen products with too high SPF value or apply too much sun protection. The high SPF value of sun protection is strong, which also means more irritating. The effectiveness of sunscreen does not depend on how much you apply. If you apply too much, the skin will not be able to breathe effectively, and it may also cause acne.

  If you are not exposed to the sun for a long time, daily choice of SPF15-35 is enough, too high value of sunscreen will only increase the burden on the skin. Apply it half an hour before going out, and apply it once an hour outdoors. If it is inconvenient to wear makeup on your face, you can try sunscreen spray!

  1. Washing your face like this is useful!

  First of all, pay attention to the water temperature for washing your face. It is convenient and refreshing to wash your face in cold water in summer. but! In summer, the pores are open, and it is easy to accumulate a lot of oil and dirt. Washing your face with cold water will cause facial pores to shrink and affect the effective discharge of dirt. Not only does it fail to clean, but it also completely collects dirt. Second, avoid washing your face too frequently. In summer, the face often sweats and it is always oily, but if you wash your face too frequently, it will easily dry your face, appear dry and tight, and cause an imbalance of water and oil on the face.

  In summer, the frequency of washing your face is as much as possible once in the morning and evening. Finally, the skin care after washing the face should be moisturized and as simple as possible. Don't use those heavy skin care products in winter. Choose some refreshing, oil-controlling moisturizing products. The skin care steps are simplified, which is more conducive to maintaining the skin's water and oil balance.

  1. Keep the exterior clean.

  Air-permeable clothes should be ventilated and cleaned frequently. Hygienic corners such as air conditioners and electric fans should be kept clean. Clothes and bedding should be cleaned regularly to avoid the growth of harmful substances and cause skin allergic reactions.

  1. Internal conditioning, enhance resistance.

  In addition to taking care of skin care products, it is more important for us to maintain harmony in the body. Maintaining a balanced and regular diet, maintaining an optimistic attitude, learning to regulate the various pressures in work, study, and life, and ensuring enough rest to avoid staying up late... are all compulsory homework in our summer.

  Skin care in summer is actually not difficult, but every little detail will have an impact on the skin condition. Hurry up and mark down the small details in the article, do detailed and adequate protection, for a more beautiful appearance, but also for the health of the whole body.

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