What is bb cream used for

Should I Use Foundation or BB Cream

What's BB cream?

BB cream is the meaning of “Blemish Balm” cream.

BB cream is a cosmetic product. BB is the abbreviation of  Blemish Balm, which means wound care cream. It was originally designed by Germans for patients receiving laser treatment. Later, it was improved in South Korea to make it concealer, adjust skin tone, sunscreen, Fine pores, nude makeup effect.

BB cream is essentially a make-up product, which is mixed with liquid foundation. Therefore, you must use professional makeup remover to remove makeup after use to avoid causing a series of skin problems. In strong sunlight, a layer of sunscreen is required before the BB cream to effectively resist UV rays. Because the color number of the BB cream is few or even no, and the overall makeup effect is white, the darker skin of the BB cream is easy to look thick and unnatural, so it is recommended to choose a white cream and repair cream. However, many products on the market are two-in-one functions of BB cream and repairing milk, avoiding some defects.

The color component of BB cream is not a chemical pigment, but a natural component. Therefore, after makeup, the makeup surface will be long-lasting (deductive). The makeup surface is moist and natural, without floating makeup. surface.

As a cream type product, BB cream is non-shine and greasy, so it is no longer necessary to use powder products for decoration. In addition, it can effectively cover wrinkles and enlarged pores, making skin texture delicate and smooth.


What is BB cream used for?

  • Nude makeup

There is no trace of makeup after use, but it looks much more refined than usual. The makeup is naturally fresh and can make the skin appear as natural and flawless. Healthy and energetic.

  • Protect the skin

Protect skin from external environment. Contaminants in the air can cause skin problems such as hypoxia, dullness, pigmentation, clogged pores, acne, dry and uncomfortable skin, fatigue, and sensitivity. It protects the skin from the external environment and its isolation function.

  • Emollient

Controls oil and moisturizes, whitens and wrinkles, regulates sebum secretion, and gradually improves skin problems.

  • Cover up
  • Local highlight

The use of pearly BB cream itself is quite difficult, you need to master certain skills and methods, a little carelessness, accidentally make your face look shiny. Applying it slightly under the eyebrows, under the eyes, or in the T shape can work well.

  • Hybrid eye makeup

BB cream can also be mixed with eyeshadows in daily use, which can add a lot of pearlescent color to old eyeshadows and make them last longer. The skin belongs to oily skin. You can consider using oil-controlling BB cream if the skin on the eyes is very oily. Mixing with eyeshadow will have a good effect. However, BB cream must not be mixed with powdery makeup, otherwise it will become a ball.

  • Blush

Apply BB cream and cream blush on your hands and mix evenly. In urban life, blushes are considered to be a more popular style.

  • Lip gloss

When applying makeup, apply lipstick or lip gloss directly on the lips, then apply a small amount of BB cream with a fine brush, and gently place on the lip line of the middle edge of the upper lip and the center of the lower lip. When choosing the scrub, you must choose a lip brush with yellow wolf tail bristles.

  • Light makeup

BB cream is not easy to block pores, and a foundation brush is used when applying to make the makeup feel light and breathable for more uniform.


When I shoud use BB cream instead of foundation?

BB cream and liquid foundation are commonly used makeup base products for girls. What are the differences between these two makeup products with similar effects? When are they more applicable?

Generally speaking, we can distinguish these two products from the comparison of the following three aspects.

  • The difference in powder consistency

When using bb cream, it usually takes just a few taps with your hands to evenly spread it. The liquid foundation is a professional base concealer. Compared with bb cream, its powder will be thicker. So when we use liquid foundation, we usually use a foundation brush, or push it with our fingers a few times to apply evenly. Because of this, the effect of bb cream is slightly worse than that of liquid foundation in terms of concealment.

  • The difference in moisturizing

Although the bb cream and liquid foundation will have a moisturizing feeling when they are just rubbed on the face, the liquid foundation will dry out over time, and makeup may be needed after a few hours. The bb cream will have a long-lasting moisturizing effect after application, and the water will feel moisturized all day.

  • The difference in the effect

Although both products have the function of balancing skin tone, the effect of bb cream is more focused on improving dark yellow skin and brightening skin tone, the effect of repairing the face is slightly inferior, and the durability is insufficient. However, after using the liquid foundation, it can often make the skin look fairer and more delicate, and the effect of repairing the face obviously lasts longer.

So in comparison, BB cream is actually more suitable for daily nude makeup products. If you want to make a more delicate makeup, you must use liquid foundation to achieve the effect.

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