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Safe Coffee Color Makes Eye Makeup More Attractive

The seemingly monotonous coffee color is actually the safest, most changeable and most profound eye color. Office ladies needs it to support itself most of the time, master these wonderful rules, and look natural.

Introduce four wonderful rules of coffee color fighting alone:

1. Coloring close to eyelashes can avoid panda eyes.

The coffee eye shadow is easy to be made into a panda eye if it is not used well. It looks very dull. In fact, coloring is skilled. The makeup artist taught us to paint the color as close as possible to the eyelashes, not more than the width of the eyelids, and the eyeliner was also the first to be out. Use a light gold or bronze eye shadow to draw a thin eye shadow at the eyeliner, which is not only more natural and soft, but also not as stiff as the eyeliner. The eyes look very three-dimensional.

2. Half eyeball width is the most IN staining range of single eyelid.

It is always difficult to master the coloring range of single eyelids with coffee color. If the inner double eyelids can be colored with reference to the width of the double eyelids, the pure single eyelids should pay attention to making the eye shadow as close to the arc of the eyes as possible. You can close the eyes first, feel the concave and convex of the eyes with your fingers on the eyelids, and then sweep the eye shadow powder on the whole semicircle eye position, from the central part to the head and tail of the eyes, the color will be more uniform.

3.To create a deep feeling, you need a brown yellow base.

Coffee color is the most easy to create a deep feeling of the eye socket. If there is a deep feeling, there must be light and shadow. In fact, it needs a brown yellow base. The makeup artist told us that before applying the coffee eye shadow, apply the brown yellow matte eye shadow on the eye socket, and then apply the coffee eye shadow on this basis. Finally, dip a small amount of dark brown eye shadow with your finger pulp and gently pat it on the eye socket to further create a deep feeling. The depth you want is gradually coming out!

4. If the cotton swab is served carefully, the eyelids will not appear dirty.

The lower eyelid is always dirty when it is painted with coffee color, but it is not three-dimensional and profound when it is not painted. In fact, we only need to dip the lower eyelid color with a cotton swab after the light painting. The floating color is more uniform when dipped, and it is not easy to make up. It looks like a coffee eyeliner, which is our ultimate goal.

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