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How to Choose Fake Nails That Suits You

The hand is the second face of a woman. Whether you can make your slender hands look more beautiful, the contribution of the fake nails cannot be ignored, and choosing the correct fake nails is the key to ensuring the success of the nail art.

First, the color

The colors of the nails are rich and varied. When doing the nails, the color selection should be combined with the skin tone and fineness of the individual hands. Fair-skinned women can choose bright and colorless nail polish. Women with darker skin can choose dark colors, such as dark red, blue and so on.

blue ombre fake nails 70305100 from cuteage
ombre acrylic fake nails 70304901 from cuteage


Second, the patterns

The design of the nail pattern needs to be combined with the shape and length of the nails. When the nails are short, they can be covered with nails, or you can wear fake nails; for long nails, you can choose half-coating in a single color, and full-coating will look dull.

short nails wearing cute fake nails 70303900
red fake nails 70303800 from cuteage


Third, the style

The choice of nail style should conform to the personal image and temperament. Choose according to your personal clothing and occasions where you often come and go. Students in school can choose non-mainstream styles that are playful and cute or maverick. People who work in formal office companies are mainly elegant and capable.

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