how to apply eyeshadow

How to Apply Eyeshadow Quickly

There are important moments in everyone's life, such as the first day of entering the workplace, and the first date with a man of her choice. On such days, you must want to show your beauty. If you suffer from the fact that you can't put on makeup and you are short on time, especially during the morning and morning shifts, then you can try the following methods to quickly draw beautiful eye shadows.

  1. Eye shadow pen rendering method.

First, we need to apply the eye shadow to the corner of the eye with an eye shadow pen. Then use your hand to gently render it forward to your eyes. Finally, render it up by hand until it reaches the arc of the eyeball. This can make eye makeup more visible and natural.

  1. Eyeshadow smudge method.

First, we apply the eye shadow on the eyelids, and apply a light brush from the end of the eye to the end of the eye. Then use the eyeshadow brush to lighten up.

  1. Two-color upper and lower blooming method.

The two-color blooming method uses two distinct colors for blooming. In general, we apply lightly on the upper and lower eyelids. Then change to a darker color and apply around the folds of the eyelids. Finally, use a makeup brush to blend the colors up and down.


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