Don’t Cry if Your Mascara Is Dry

Don’t Cry if Your Mascara Is Dry

First of all, let's figure out a question: why a mascara will be dry?

Many girls like twitching brush back and forth to the mascara tube as using a water pump while using mascara.In fact, this action is very easy to press air into the tube, resulting in dry paste or harden paste.

Mascara is easy to breed bacteria because it contains much oil.Once you don’t store it properly after opening,it will become a hotbed of bacteria.

So we have the following countermeasures to prevent mascara from being dry too fast:

    1, Take mascara using rotary way instead of back and forth extraction method.

    2, Mascara shell should be closed tightly after use, and try to avoid sharing it with others.

    3, Mascara should be considered to change six months later after opening. A mascara life cycle is three months after opening.And it is easy to breed bacteria in the process of use.If you use it  for too long, there are health risks to the eye.

So, if the mascara is dry and not expired, how to continue to use it?

There are usually two kinds of rescue measures: 1, heating; 2, diluted.

Heating is to make mascara change physically.The basic operation is to tighten mascara mouth firstly, then put it in hot water for about 10 minutes. The paste will be very smooth again as new.

However, this method is only suitable for not too long dried mascara.It can’t be used for mascara that has not been used for several years.

The dilution is to add some suitable ingredients to change the mascara formula. Therefore, there is a risk to this method, we must choose ingredients to add carefully. Remember, added ingredients can not be expired.

The safest way is to drop a few drops of eye drops. Usually add one or two drops.Don’t drop too much at one time.

Adding lotion is also feasible. Add a few drops of toner, stir it with brush head gently. Oil in lotion is enough, so don’t put emulsion.You must control the amount, don’t put much, test drop by drop!

Others suggest a few drops of olive oil,creating eyelash growth effect. Kill two birds with one stone.

Reader who has other better suggestions, please reply.


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