Do I Have to Use a Face Makeup Primer

What is face primer?

Makeup primer is a kind of make-up. It is mainly used to make up for the unevenness and dullness of the skin. Topical use can modify the skin and give it a clear and natural luster. It is a cosmetic used before applying makeup. There are white liquid and transparent liquid. Milky white liquid is more common.

What does makeup primer do?

Makeup primer contains silicone (polydimethylsiloxane) and other substances, so it has a silky feel, and can make pores feel delicate and shiny in makeup. You can choose different formulations before makeup according to different skin types.      The makeup primer is called double-sided adhesive for makeup. It can adjust the skin tone and make the base makeup fit the skin. At the same time, it also has the effect of modifying skin tone, fine pores, and smoothing the skin.

If you have mildly imperfect skin, the foundation can already repair your skin problems well, and you can save the makeup primer.

Under what circumstances do you need makeup primer?

If your skin has problems such as uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, etc., foundation cannot be used to correct existing skin problems, or you cannot achieve the desired makeup effect. At this time, we need makeup primer to assist.

What are the effects of makeup primer?

✔️ Invisible fine pores and smooth skin

✔️ Even skin tone, brighten and shine

✔️ Improve skin condition: dry skin hydrates and moisturizes, oil skin controls oil secretion

✔️ Increase makeup retention and sun protection


How to choose?

  1. Identify your skin condition first

Buying things is not to follow the trend, but to buy what we really need, first identify our own skin problems to determine our needs.

Dry skin: ladies of dry skin are easy to peel after applying makeup, and have dry lines. Moisturizing and moisturizing makeup primer is required.

Oily muscle: Oily muscle skin has strong secretion of oil, which is easy to take off makeup.

Pore ​​type: ladies with thicker pores on the cheeks needs to be filled with pore-type makeup primer.

Uneven skin tone: ladies, who has dull skin tone and redness on the face, needs to correct the brightening makeup.

  1. Choose a suitable makeup primer according to the main function.

Although most of the makeup primers are multi-functional now, they also include sun protection, moisturizing, and brightening functions, but in fact, only one of each product is its main function. We directly follow the main function of the product as a benchmark. make decisions. For example, the isolation of Laneige, it has sun protection, brightening correction, isolation and other effects, brightening correction is its main function.

Hydrating and moisturizing make-up primer: France Dabao, Laura Mercier makeup primer, Guerlain diamond, YSL black silk satin makeup primer.

Oil Control Makeup Primer: Sofina Oil Control Makeup, Nars Makeup Remover, etc.

Invisible Pore Makeup Primer: Counter Strike, Smashbox Makeup Primer.

Correction Brightening Makeup Primer: Lange, Mac, Vdl Shell Makeup Primer.

Pearlescent Makeup Primer: Nars Makeup Primer.

For makeup primer, many people don't distinguish it from isolation. The two are different, but now the two products have similar functions. For example, some brands of isolation can also modify the skin and improve skin tone. In terms of makeup, makeup primer is a make-up product and does not have the effect of isolation. This is still a professional isolation product.

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