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3 Makeup Tips to Brighten up in Winter

Build skin luster from foundation

One of the keys to make up in winter is to create a shiny skin. If you are one of those beautiful women whose face lacks luster, I suggest that you might as well use some water like emulsion, mix it with foundation liquid evenly, and then apply it on your face to create a bright, creamy texture with pearl ivory white.

A women with beautiful glossy face

Good at using cosmetics containing pearlescent powder

Since the color of cosmetics in winter is generally darker, we should make good use of cosmetics containing pearlescent powder in order to be more attractive. Make up with eye shadow and lipstick with pearlescent powder can increase the local luster, which is also a great winter makeup technique for three-dimensional facial expression, and can also make the eyes more profound.

Shine the eyes, lips and cheekbones with bright powder

In winter, we don't need a large amount of polishing powder, and the key is to create focus with less and bright. We can use gelatinous or powdery powder and apply it on the part that we want to brighten. It needs to be reminded that the area of bright powder in the eyes should be as small as possible. The most fashionable way is to draw a thin bright line on the eyeliner.

A women wearing makeup with shiny eyeliner

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